Welcome to a new series of Fertility Foundations, where we speak in depth with expert guests about how to prepare the foundations for healthy pregnancy. This week Sandra Greenbank is talking to Jennifer Walpole about how to prepare for IVF in order to get the most out of the treatment and maximise your chances of success.

Jen Walpole is a registered nutritional therapist specialising in PCOS fertility and IVF nutrition. It was Jen’s own health struggles that led her to nutritional therapy having suffered with hormonal imbalances throughout her 20s which resulted in a confusing PCOS diagnosis. What began as a passion for healthy eating and living lead Jen to study for a three year naturopathic nutrition diploma at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine. Having started her own family with the help of IVF, Jen is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about supporting others through the process, ensuring they get the best possible results leading to a positive pregnancy outcome and healthy baby. 

Listen to this episode of the Fertility Foundations podcast with Jennifer Walpole here.

Find Jen here: https://www.jenwalpole.com

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